Gemini celebrates brotherhood and the struggle with mortality. The Gemini twins, Castor and Pollux, share the same mother (Leda) yet (figure this out) have different fathers. Castor, renowned for his skill with horses, was son of a mortal father, King Tyndarus of Sparta, whereas Pollux, the boxer (not of Simon and Garfunkel fame), hails from … More “Gemini”


Grappling with loss… In the past three months, I’ve “lost” two people I deeply admired to cancer. Though I’m grateful that their suffering is over and I know they’ve “shuffled off this mortal coil” to skip the streets of gold, there’s still a natural grief. And though they have left this temporal realm, their lives … More “Memoriam”


Taurus represents deception and destruction, especially relating to infidelity. (Is it any wonder when the constellation commemorates Zeus’s escapades disguised as a bull to steal the affections of Europa?) Over the course of the song the speaker changes from the deceived to deceiver and back to the deceived again. Each, however, picks up the chorus … More “Taurus”

“Treble Tide”

Monday morning. What should be a fresh start to a week frequently feels like a Normandy beach landing. Before my eyes have time to adjust to the pre-dawn twilight, my alarm shocks me to attention. My vessel, the warm confines of my down-quilted bed, arrives suddenly on the shores of a new day, and, whether … More “Treble Tide”