Photo of the Day Poems – Post #3

Week three of The Guardian Photo Poems is now live! Click on the tab at the top of the page (or simply click on the hyperlinked text) and then scroll down to read this week’s highlights from last year’s photo inspired poems including defiled graves in France, ice fishing in China, and ten minutes of sunshine in the Great Temple of Ramses II.

Quatzenheim, France (2/19/2019)

Among the Tombs

Father, hold my hand in yours;
I fear the many tombs!
Do not fear, my darling child,
What will not be exhumed.

Father, keep my by your side
for still these graves I fear!
Do not dread the silent stones
For always I am near.

Father, hold me in your arms;
I shudder at the thought
of what lies mould’ring ‘neath the earth
in Death’s slow mortal rot!
Do not yield to terror’s grip
from things now dead and rotten,
but rather fear the living hate
that will not be forgotten;
dread the malice that defiled
these eighty Jewish graves
and tremble at the enmity
that never dies away.

Beijing, China (2/21/2019)
Photograph: Ma Wenxiao/VCG/Getty Images

Ice Fishing

I’ve risked it,
ventured out late in winter
to fish,
a fiddler on this roof of ice.

At times I sit
peering intently at the many lines
dangling dead weight,
my own sundial:
shadow moving from hole to hole.

More frequently I dizzy myself
tending the tugging lines,
the tilts forever tipping up,
always afraid one will slip away,
bait me and pinch the minnow.

At night I plunge into frigid dreams,
a metal jig fluttering and falling
just above the lake’s floor,
a tangled marionette
set to beguile a school of largemouth bass

‘till I startle awake
at the gentle touch
of my four-year-old son
asking what’s for breakfast.

Abu Simbel, Egypt (2/22/2109)
Photograph: Amr Nabil/AP

Perpending Eternity

Twice a year
the unflagging sun stoops
to peek into the dark
inner chamber of the Great
Temple of Ramses II.

We are simply fortunate
to share in the ten
minutes of illumination
before the sun straightens up,
smiles wittingly,
and walks off perpending eternity.

Published by thedeepened

I am a lover of words - the way they sing together in neat or sprawling lines upon the page, conducted by the great wordsmiths of all time. The way a sudden turn of phrase or surprising combination of sounds resonates with the deep within me, causing pause: moments of reflection and appreciation that transcend the superficial babblings and paltry visions of the infantile. Here at the deepening ground, it is my intent to make time and space for the reflection, appreciation, and creative imaginings that sustain the human soul.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day Poems – Post #3

  1. Do not yield to terror’s grip
    from things now dead and rotten,
    but rather fear the living hate
    that will not be forgotten;

    Man. This is good, especially against the backdrop of the whole poem.

    I think the new layout works well, by the way. It’s nice to have each week presented separately.


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