Photo of the Day Poems – Post #8

Week eight of The Guardian Photo Poems presents poems inspired by a sobering picture of shoes filled with shattered glass in Tel Aviv, a tethered nomadic infant from Turkey, and the beautiful juxtaposition of nature and architecture at Alnwick Castle in England! The first poem alludes to Dudley Randall’s “Ballad of Birmingham.” I’d strongly recommend … More Photo of the Day Poems – Post #8

“Canis Major”

Deep within me there’s a longing for a rest and peace – a sabbath, if you will – that everything in life seems diametrically opposed to me ever finding. “Canis Major” addresses the life of the endless pursuit. According to the myth, Laelaps, the fastest dog in the world, was destined to catch anything it … More “Canis Major”


Times like this call for perspective. The following poem written back in 2017 inspired by a reverie with the desktop wallpaper on my iMac came back to mind this morning as I listened to different perspectives on these days, days brimming with fear, distancing, and uncertainty. When all the noise around me grows so loud … More “Perspective”


On the eve of a long weekend when I know so little of my time will be spent at home, I present “Home,” my homage to the sanctuary and hive of life that sustains my soul in so many ways. “Home” expands upon the sterile dictionary definition of home, birthed out of a five-word poetry … More “Home”