At the In Between

Here’s the studio album produced back in 2012 by the now defunct Tate Music Group. Members of Treebeard Brown appear on both “Ballad of the Ideal Citizen” and “Noiselessly,” two of my favorite tracks on the album. “Song of the Broken Man” appeared on the indie radio show Under the Radar with other great indie … More At the In Between


When I began researching to write “Leo,” the idea of hiding behind lies emerged primarily from the version that ties Leo to the lion Hercules had to kill as one of the Twelve Labors. Although the Pyramus and Thisbe story, the fertile ground for one Romeo and Juliet, had its merits, the idea of a … More “Leo”

Photo of the Day Poems – Post #10

Echoing my earlier post, “Perspective” (3/22/20), these three poems from my collection of last year’s The Guardian Photo Poems presents compositions that explore the idea of perspective inspired by a parachutist over Turkey, decaying monuments in Virginia, and a pre-dawn sky over Dunstanburgh Castle, UK. (All poems by Vincent H. Anastasi) Mersin, Turkey (4/8/2019)Photograph: Serkan … More Photo of the Day Poems – Post #10

Full Fathom Five EP

After being contacted by a Salvation Army captain a few month ago seeking permission to use our version of the William Booth song “Boundless Salvation” in a podcast, I rediscovered the Bandcamp page my sons and I developed back when we were performing more regularly. Now, eight years later, simply follow this link (full EP) … More Full Fathom Five EP