#LovePoems: e. e. cummings

We’re a month away from Valentine’s Day, but it’s never too early to share some of the most beautiful love poetry ever written. Admittedly, the love poem I quote the most is Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 116” followed closely by Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Sonnet 43,” and who can speak of love poetry without noting that profound 27thContinue reading “#LovePoems: e. e. cummings”

An Epiphany: Brokenness Turned Kaleidoscopic!

Though it may seem odd to some to return to the stable on Epiphany, it’s the culmination of the celebration of Christmas, and, personally this year, a reminder of my late mother who passed away five years ago on New Year’s Day. According to NationalToday.com: “Epiphany is a Christian feast day celebrating the revelation ofContinue reading “An Epiphany: Brokenness Turned Kaleidoscopic!”