“But human beings need deepening places too. And far too many never have any.”

~ Madeleine L’Engle, A Wind in the Door

The Quintessential Poem for the Season #Poetry #Autumn #Romantic #JohnKeats

This poem needs no introduction. As the temperatures dropped to the high fifties on Friday and I slipped into one of my favorite hoodies, I knew Autumn had arrived. No better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than to read “To Autumn” by John Keats. Grab a cup of hot cider, sit down … More The Quintessential Poem for the Season #Poetry #Autumn #Romantic #JohnKeats

Mary Oliver Mondays: A Lesson from Late Summer #Poetry #Summer #Roses #MaryOliver

Summer draws to a close, a new week begins, and I return to the deepening ground of Mary Oliver’s poetry. Hear the invitation to spend our lives “on some / unstinting happiness,” but not according to the world’s definition. Rather, the simple overlooked gifts that poets like Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry capture so beautifully. … More Mary Oliver Mondays: A Lesson from Late Summer #Poetry #Summer #Roses #MaryOliver

Magenta Flames: A Reflection #Poetry #Poem #Thistle #Nature #HolyGround

“[A body] belongs to the world of love, which is a world of living creatures, natural orders and cycles, many small, fragile lights in the dark.” Wendell Berry – from “Health is Membership” Reflection: The Bull Thistle By Vincent H. Anastasi 2022 Magenta flames stopped me on my way, burning on the spiny base of … More Magenta Flames: A Reflection #Poetry #Poem #Thistle #Nature #HolyGround


I am a lover of words – the way they sing together in neat or sprawling lines upon the page, conducted by the great wordsmiths of all time. The way a sudden turn of phrase or surprising combination of sounds resonates with the deep within me, causing pause…

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