Taking Time to Sabbath: Wendell Berry #Poem #Poetry #Sabbath #Wren #Live #WendellBerry

Admittedly, I should have posted this yesterday to allow you all the time to Sabbath either on Saturday or Sunday with this Wendell Berry wafer. But as these days are full with life and activity, this post had to wait until now. And yet, the timelessness of Berry’s wisdom about “how to be alive” ever … More Taking Time to Sabbath: Wendell Berry #Poem #Poetry #Sabbath #Wren #Live #WendellBerry

Puppet or Kite?

Last Sunday, I started mulling over the phrase “marionette me.” I’ve always been impressed by the master marionettests who can bring puppets to life through the subtle, intentional movement of strings, operating unseen. I guess I’ve always appreciated puppets. I was raised on Sesame Street and, more importantly, The Muppet Show. I used to love … More Puppet or Kite?