Mary Oliver Mondays: Thoughts on Coming Winter #Poetry #Winter #Darkness #MaryOliver

In the midst of my series of Advent Tankas, I still wanted to share this Mary Oliver gem that I read a few weeks ago thanks to an email thread I receive at work. Though the snows have already arrived here in Grove City, it’s not until Wednesday that Winter officially begins. As we head … More Mary Oliver Mondays: Thoughts on Coming Winter #Poetry #Winter #Darkness #MaryOliver

Welcome, First Snowfall!

Last Sunday brought the first true snowfall to our region of Western Pennsylvania. I came outside to find my younger sons flitting about the driveway, mouths open wide, chasing the elusive snowflakes. In all honesty, they didn’t have to try that hard. The air was aflutter with crystalline moths; our tongues, the warm branches upon … More Welcome, First Snowfall!