For Such a Time as This: “God Who Hears”

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Years ago, my eldest sons and I began recording a series of songs that was meant to follow up our Full Fathom Five EP. My good friend, Jeff, who has run sound for many of our concerts, invited us to his basement to lay down the tracks in a more professional manner and away from the constant noise of my two youngest children. We never completed the project and the files have been sitting on my Macbook Pro ever since. With a bit of free time on my hands this summer, I’ve been revisiting the songs. “God Who Hears” was Jeff’s number one request, and to honor him (and considering the times), I’m releasing it here for the first time publicly. I hope it brings peace and hope to you as you navigate the troubled waters of these days.

Fun fact: these songs were recorded BEFORE Benjamin’s voice changed and sometime after Sebastian’s voice deepened. You’ll never hear these harmonies again in this manner from these two young men! And I was fighting a cold, so even my voice is more gravely than normal! Benjamin plays the keyboard, and Sebastian and I both play guitar on this track.

“God Who Hears” – Track 4 from For Such a Time as This by Vincent H. Anastasi 2020

God Who Hears

Vincent H. Anastasi 2014

I love the LORD, because He hears
And to my voice inclines His ear
Though death surrounds me
Your grace astounds me
With Your love

And in the chaos of these days
You still the winds and calm the waves
So I shall lift these hands in praise
To God who hears – to God who saves

And in the darkness of these days
You are the light that restores faith
So I shall lift these hands in praise
To God who hears – to God who saves

One thought on “For Such a Time as This: “God Who Hears”

  1. I love these three guys joined together making music ♥️ Such wonderful days. I wish they didn’t have to end. Trusting there will be much more opportunity to make music with some younger ones. PS. I of course, LOVE the song too!!!

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