Crimson: Poems Inspired by Color

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Finally! After a long hiatus spent tending the various fields of my life, I’ve found my way back to the deepening ground. So much was going on here over the last fortnight, including closing out a marking period at school and multiple birthdays, that it left me little time to just still myself enough (and stay awake) to write. I had multiple fits and starts in my Moleskine black pocket journal, but nothing took root. Then I cut my finger on the canned salmon lid while washing it off in the sink…

That incident inspired me to write seven color poems in order, one for each color of the rainbow. So far, I’ve written the first three pieces covering red, orange, and yellow (which I’ll release one day at a time). Initially, I thought I would force myself to make all seven poems be of the same length, but “orange” refused to be restrained and “yellow” refused to break free from the sonnet form. Like my own children, I’ll celebrate their individuality. For tonight, I’ll simply give you Crimson.

Crimson: A Reflection

Vincent H. Anastasi - 2021

Unawares I cut my finger
on the canned salmon lid,
washing it clean
prior to throwing the tin
into the recycling bin.
Only when I moved the stack of bills
from the kitchen table
did I notice
my crimson fingerprint
marking the pages.
Unawares I cut your back
with the sharpened edge of my sin,
raking you raw
prior to nailing your flesh
to the rigid tree.
Only when you removed the weighty debt
from my feeble shoulders
did I notice
your crimson fingerprint
marking my pages.

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