Figure Drawing and Freewrite Fridays: 2D Art and Poetry

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Two years ago, one of the art teachers where I work approached me about getting a group of students together on Fridays during lunch for a bit of creative synergy we affectionately dubbed Figure Drawing and Freewrite Fridays. Students came after lunch (or during, in some cases) and sketched charcoal drawings of student or teacher models for approximately thirty minutes. Then I would give the students a writing prompt they would use to connect to one of the drawings they created.

I enjoyed the opportunity to sketch a bit myself, returning to my childhood love of drawing. At one point, I had even considered going into art before high school. I’ve included a few photos of pieces I created with the poems typed out (and slightly revised) for ease of reading. My sketching leaves something to be desired, but the short poems/creative pieces that came out of the experience were highly rewarding. A fitting way to end the school year for me as summer opens up like a blank canvas waiting to be filled!

It’s Soporific

Vincent H. Anastasi – 2019
* A poem that had to use the words Snickers, Stand, Shock, Suddenly, and Soporific

It’s Soporific by Vincent H. Anastasi 2019
It’s the rain.
I can muscle my way
through just about anything,
especially with the aid
of my Snickers mocha
with a shot of espresso.
I can stand up
under the weight
of the world’s burdens,
bear the shock
of great disappointment,
the surprises that suddenly
pop upon you.

But the rain…
it’s soporific.


Vincent H. Anastasi – 2019

Leap by Vincent H. Anastasi 2019
You know why.
You know the perpetual defeat,
the beating your head against the wall,
the failure to ever achieve
anything better than mediocrity.

The table’s worn smooth,
an eroded elbow rest.
You’ve been here before.
And you’ll be here again.

But you’ll be here.
And one day,
the stool will only temporarily
support your weight
as you step up
onto that smooth desk
and leap
and never



Vincent H. Anastasi – 2019

Sometimes by Vincent H. Anastasi 2019
Sometimes life just feels right:
that simple contentment,
the stillness of a crisp Fall morning,
warm coffee, mug in hand.

Sometimes it’s as if every planet aligned:
the job promotion,
the raise,
the extra chicken nugget in your box.

Yes … sometimes it seems nothing can go wrong -
the world is just one perfect Disney resolution.

And sometimes I’m left watching a catastrophe -
sitting helpless - all appearances cool and collect -
like a crisp Fall morning
while the scoreboard reminds me
nothing is farther from the truth.

3 thoughts on “Figure Drawing and Freewrite Fridays: 2D Art and Poetry

  1. I LOVE the poem Sometimes. Don’t know how you manage that symmetry with a twist babe(my limited poetic vocabulary!) AND I want that first drawing in our house. Where has your art been all these years? How did I not press you to put it up around us?!

    Liked by 1 person

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