Photo of the Day Poems: A Collision of Cultures #Poetry #NPM22

Tonight I share the fusion of photography and poetry, of India, Japan, England, and America: a Japanese tanka dedicated to William Carlos Williams (the pediatrician) and William Wordsworth (the romantic) inspired by a photograph by Divyakant Solanki. I am sure both Williamses would see in this everyday image the profound in the common. It comes from my 2019 collection of Photo of the Day poems drawn from The Guardian. And as part of the month-long celebration of poetry, it invites you into the worlds of multiple poets from different generations and nationalities – further proof of the universality of poetry!

Airing the Laundry (a Tanka)

(Dedicated to the Pediatrician and the Romantic)
by Vincent H. Anastasi 2019

Jeans hung out to dry
Beneath a clear Mumbai sky:
How remarkable
To see with William’s fresh eyes
These heavy denim banners!

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