Allium Homage: A Lighthearted Blackout Poem #Onions #Garlic #BlackoutPoetry #Poem

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I dedicate tonight’s Blackout Poem to my mother-in-law, Bonnie, who is the queen of garlic. She cuts up and eats raw garlic with nearly every dinner, including (BRACE YOURSELF!) pancakes. I still remember my initiation into the Stitt family upon first meeting my wife’s older brothers. You like garlic? Here, try this. As an Italian, that should have been easy, but the only garlic I knew was the outdated garlic powder that my mom may or may not have used once or twice in a recipe outside of our typical American cuisine. As I allow a few other poems and songs to marinate a bit longer, let this serve as an appetizer of sorts and another reminder of how much fun one can have with a discarded book and a Sharpie marker!

Onions and Garlic

Vincent H. Anastasi - 2017
This Blackout Poem comes from Page 35 of The Quest for Myth by Richard Chase, 1949

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