Photo of the Day Poems: Three Irish Setters #Poem #Poetry #Irish #Dogs #Setters

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day this Friday, here’s an unpublished photo poem from my collection of works inspired by images from The Guardian’s Photo of the Day posts that I wrote back in 2019. Though these Irish setters aren’t fooling around on what was the first day of the Crufts dog show, I found myself teased into a comparison between dog and man. Note the simultaneous playfulness and formality of the poem’s structure, meter, and rhyme, and how that fits not only these three dogs but our own lives as well. Whether you are swift, graceful, or playful, there is a poise we can all share when we know the Master’s voice!

Three Irish Setters

by Vincent H. Anastasi 2019

Three Irish Setters
Regal, how they stand!
Each one ready to perform
Awaiting the command.

One known for swiftness
One known for grace
One for the playfulness
Displayed in his face.

Family friend of children,
Sweet-tempered, chestnut red,
Sometimes I wish that I could spend
Eight hours in his head.

I’m not known for swiftness
And grace at times I lack
And playful though I often am
Sometimes I will attack.

Three Irish Setters
And I an aging man
Yet each of us has heard His voice
And knows the Master’s hand.

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