Photo of the Day Poems: A Late Epiphany #Poem #Poetry #Epiphany #Impact #Ouch! #Kok-Boru

Here’s one of those photos that immediately captures your attention with the “perfect” moment. I would have loved to had access to a series of photos taken before, during, and after this potentially bone-shattering encounter, but this Guardian Photo of the Day snapshot is enough to teach a valuable lesson. I may not understand “the traditional Central Asian sport of Kok-Boru (goat dragging), a competition held as part of the Navruz celebration” (as noted in the caption from The Guardian website), but I DO understand hindsight! Let’s just say this one left an impact!

Late Epiphany

by Vincent H. Anastasi 2019

You know that moment
when you realize
with crystalizing clarity
that such-and-such
was probably a bad idea:

	The words already disturbing
	the molecules of air between us,

	The action set into uniform motion
	with only a lagging will to resist,

	The extra serving, taste-bud enslaved,
	loosening the ever-tightening belt.

This is that moment,
arms outstretched
soaring through the air
milliseconds before
I learn again the laws of physics.

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