Crimson: Poems Inspired by Color

Finally! After a long hiatus spent tending the various fields of my life, I’ve found my way back to the deepening ground. So much was going on here over the last fortnight, including closing out a marking period at school and multiple birthdays, that it left me little time to just still myself enough (andContinue reading “Crimson: Poems Inspired by Color”

Struck by Loneliness

A few years back, the start of my school year was interrupted by jury duty. Rather than welcoming students back to the study of Advanced Placement English or British Literature after another seemingly-too-short summer (I know, I shouldn’t complain), I spent my days weighing the evidence in a civil court case. In all, I onlyContinue reading “Struck by Loneliness”

Where Are You Positioned? Before, Behind, or Beside the Freight Train

Last week a freight train stalled my usual morning commute. Of course, in the vast scheme of things, the few minutes I spent waiting at the crossing were nothing. But coupled with two other events over the past week, I found myself asking the question that I’ve used as the title of this post: amContinue reading “Where Are You Positioned? Before, Behind, or Beside the Freight Train”

Elementary Matters: Not so Simple, My Dear Watson!

For purists, you’ll never actually find the statement, “Elementary, my dear Watson!” in any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s sixty Sherlock Holmes stories. As I read on multiple sites today, Holmes uses both phrases separately in the stories, but never together in this way. An interesting fact, but what has that to do with aContinue reading “Elementary Matters: Not so Simple, My Dear Watson!”

Filling the Void: The Power of Speech

In the beginning…there was a blank page. Sitting down to prepare Friday’s devotion for the speech and debate league our family has been involved with for nearly a decade, my first thoughts drifted back to those beautiful words in Genesis 1:1 – “בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים” (In the beginning, God created). In verse two, we read,Continue reading “Filling the Void: The Power of Speech”