Are You Digging a Well or Just Making Holes? #Love #SoulMate #BlackoutPoetry #Poem

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True love is the deepening ground of life. Unfortunately, so few are willing to labor together in the field, transforming the hard soils of life into the oasis offered to us in true love, especially in the midst of trying times. Most so-called “love” peters out just inches into the earth. So few are willing to work their way down to where the water runs deep and the bedrock is firm. For many, it’s just easier to start digging a new hole. Then, years later, when they look back over the field of their lives, all they see are several shallow pits rather than a single life-giving well.

As I look forward tonight to my 26th anniversary and look back on all that my wife and I have been through, it is fitting that I share this blackout poem that not only describes the way I felt about her when I first “fell in love” with her, but also how that love has deepened over the years. “[M]y heart is [still] driven wild” by this mystery called marriage and this beauty I cherish as my wife. For those of you who have worked hard to love well, may you find encouragement to see with fresh eyes again this gift of true love!

Adoration: for Sarah

Vincent H. Anastasi - 2022
This Blackout Poem comes from Page 121 of The Quest for Myth by Richard Chase, 1949

2 thoughts on “Are You Digging a Well or Just Making Holes? #Love #SoulMate #BlackoutPoetry #Poem

  1. My mender-of-broken-things, I would dig a well with no other. I don’t think I could have made it without you keeping me laughing as we dig. Perhaps I need to work for a bit more mystery some days, but your humor keeps me sane and your love can still drive me wild ❤️ Can I say that here?? 😬😁

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