The Addictive Nature of Refrigerator Poetry #Poetry #MagneticPoetry

Photos by Vincent H. Anastasi

My daughter brought home a container of Magnetic Poetry, the Receivables Custom Edition, from work last week (she works at our local library). Since then, the refrigerator has become the deepening ground of our home with everyone chipping in to various poetic “masterpieces,” including the eight and ten-year-olds (grandma has not felt poetically inspired as of yet!) From the humorous to the thought-provoking, it’s been a joy to see everyone staring AT the fridge rather than IN the fridge looking for food. Their souls are being fed by the words stuck to the door. It’s like going to the bakery of Whole Foods and staring at all the delicacies just begging me to pick them. I only have so much money, so the choices must be deliberate, just like creating poetry. May you take delight in these samplings from last week, and maybe, just maybe, pick up your own kit to make your refrigerator a deepening ground!

Magnetic Poetry: Samples from June 30th & July 1st

Various Anastasi Folk - 2022
June 30th 2022 – Various contributions here … I can only claim the last stanza
June 30th 2022 – The 10 year-old and his 14 year-old brother
July 1st 2022 – I provided the first line, my son took over…

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