Magenta Flames: A Reflection #Poetry #Poem #Thistle #Nature #HolyGround

Photo by Vincent H. Anastasi

“[A body] belongs to the world of love, which is a world of living creatures, natural orders and cycles, many small, fragile lights in the dark.”

Wendell Berry – from “Health is Membership”

Reflection: The Bull Thistle

By Vincent H. Anastasi 2022

Magenta flames stopped me on my way,
burning on the spiny base
of rigid, yellow-tipped spears -
a forbidding sphere -
transforming the tar and chipped road
into holy ground. 

Unlike the clumsy Norse invader
who, barefoot, alerted the Scots
with one unfortunate step,
I came upon the thistle
prepared to attack hole fourteen,
armed only with a bag of discs.

Wooed by beauty, I drew near,
rejecting your quotidian existence,
your noxious reputation.
Ah! Living herald!
Alert us of your presence,
draw us like the swallowtail and goldfinch
to feast upon your flora,
and illuminate the way to wonder,
one "small, fragile light in the dark."

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