“Treble Tide”

Monday morning. What should be a fresh start to a week frequently feels like a Normandy beach landing. Before my eyes have time to adjust to the pre-dawn twilight, my alarm shocks me to attention. My vessel, the warm confines of my down-quilted bed, arrives suddenly on the shores of a new day, and, whether I’m ready for it or not, the Higgins boat spills open. Beyond just Mondays, this is my prayer (in sonnet form) for every day.

Treble Tide – vincent h. anastasi (2016)

When we on churning shores arrive
And spill out tumbling o’er the side
Of vessels warm in pre-dawn’s shade
To cast off rest and rise up brave,
Then let my eyes still see each face
And hear the trumpet call to grace
That I might come to evening’s tent,
Though battle-worn and fully spent,
Wholly confident in naught
But that I gave my all in all,
And lying down, I’ll still abide
When morning breaks in treble tide.

Published by thedeepened

I am a lover of words - the way they sing together in neat or sprawling lines upon the page, conducted by the great wordsmiths of all time. The way a sudden turn of phrase or surprising combination of sounds resonates with the deep within me, causing pause: moments of reflection and appreciation that transcend the superficial babblings and paltry visions of the infantile. Here at the deepening ground, it is my intent to make time and space for the reflection, appreciation, and creative imaginings that sustain the human soul.

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